Hands-On Google Docs
Face to Face Workshop for MITS
August 4th, 2010
Days Inn Grayling
Grayling, MI

Sara Beauchamp-Hicks


MSU MAET Coursework Student Examples

A few tips to get us started:
Google Apps (from my experience) function better within the browsers Firefox and Chrome--they don't play well with Internet Explorer. Firefox and Chrome are both free downloads and I would recommend getting familiar with at least one of them.

All the information I am going to show you today is linked form this site. You can get to it easily through this web address:
http://sarabeauchamp.wikispaces.com/MITS. All of the work I have done for MITS is located on this page.

If I am going too fast--please tell me.
If I am going too slow--please tell me.

This workshop is designed for you--starting now!

Introduction to Gmail
Gmail for Beginners (video #1 of 10; follow the links to get tips on just about anything!)
Importing and Adding Contacts (video #2)
Getting all your Email in Gmail

Google Docs
Getting Started With Google Docs

What are Google Forms?

Sample Forms

Play Time!

Right now--create a simple 5-10 item form.