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6 Degrees of Separation
Everyone is more alike than different

On a piece of paper--
List 6 things that describe yourself.
(You have 3 minutes.)

GOAL: Find a different person that matches each of the 6 things you have listed.
(You have 10 minutes.)

Confused? Going too fast? Want to learn more?

Videos from the Google Docs Community

Google Docs:

Get into groups of 4-5; one person in the group create a document and share it. Use this to respond to the videos, make comments or take any additional notes. Please, if you will be so kind, also share it with, please title it CEP 452 Group Name (be creative!)

  • Collaboration: Sharing Docs (and now FOLDERS! Yay!)
  • Inserting Comments
  • Adding Links
  • Templates

McKenna's Experience
  • Google Docs Demo

My Twitter Network says...

Let's hear what the kids and teachers say about Docs!

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How to Share Docs With Everyone?
  • Embedding Docs
  • Publishing Pages

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The Lost Generation

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  • Collaborate!
  • Embedded Video
  • Templates

How to Share?
  • Embedding Presentations
  • Publish
  • Email Links

A Vision of K-12 Today

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How to Share?
  • Embedd
  • Publish and share a link
  • Email

Activity: Create a short 5 questions survey in forms and email it to at least 5 people in class. Visit the spreadsheet and view the responses.

Another Short Break!

What's so different about schools today and why are these tools important?

You know the saying...if you always do what you've always done...

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Google Calendar

  • Sharing Calendars
    • Classroom
    • Colleagues
    • School Social Calendars
  • Invites
  • Alerts
  • Get Help!

More Google Fun!

Google Timeline Search