As a young girl I knew I would one day be a teacher. I never really considered anything else. I felt grateful in college that the path I wanted to follow was laid out before me. Many of my friends struggled with their decisions, changing their majors numerous times. Not me. I changed my minor many times mainly because I wanted to study it all! As a child I learned to tinker with a Commodore 64 and played Radar Rat Race on our first 256K PC. 20 years ago I studied COBAL and first used a network MUSIC at NMU to share documents. I can’t remember a time that technology didn’t interest me. From digital cameras to mP3 players, I have always been intrigued by the next gadget to come down the pipe. I think it is curiosity.
A single mother of 3, a former special education teacher at Negaunee High School, an adjunct instructor at Northern Michigan University, the technology liaison for the Upper Peninsula Writing Project and a future doctoral grad student at MSU are things that define me. I am truly blessed. I’m a Google Certified Teacher (Chicago 2008), a DEN Star Educator, a MACUL member, former member of ISTE and the CEC. I’ve written numerous grants and won a handful of awards. Nothing motivates me more than learning something new…I love using technology to engage students in their learning. I think it is THE tool that is going to help us transform education and help us develop better schools that truly help students achieve great things.